Headspace Studios

University of Montréal

projected N=60, adults 18-75

PIs: P. Ferré, Y. Joanette, Pierre Bellec

Research groups using Inscapes

McGill University

projected N=120, children 9-14

PIs: Sherif Karama, Michael Meaney

Yale University

projected N=50, adults 18-40

PI: Tamara Vanderwal

Child Mind Institute

projected N=25, adults 18-45

PI: Michael Milham

New York University

projected N=16, children 5-9

PI: Adriana DiMartino

Brigham Young University

projected N=80, children 8-16

PIs: Mikle South, Jeff Anderson

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

projected N=20, children 3-5, EEG study

PIs: Judith Miller, Joseph McCleery

National Institute of Mental Health

projected N=10, children

PI: Karen Berman

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Current total projected N=381